Colour Matching:

All of our standard ceramic, jewellery enamel and glass colours can be matched to your specific requirements. Whilst minimum order quantities will apply, depending on the product and form (powder, crystal, slop etc.), we can produce relatively small batch quantities.

Products can be delivered in powder, crystal, slop or in a medium as required.

Frit Production:

Our frit production facility offers an ideal solution for your small quantity specialist frit or test batch. Our gas kilns can operate up to 1300°C and offers accurate temperature measurement.

Each kiln can produce up to 100Kg per day depending on melting times.

Glaze Production:

Our glaze production facility offers various solutions in relatively small volumes. Glaze can be processed in the following batch sizes:

  • Dry process 10Kg – 40Kg
  • Wet process Ball Mill 40Kg power mix 5Ltr
  • Drying 10Kg – 250Kg
  • Sieving as required


Frit Production Sieving/Grinding
Wet Process Dry Process