Underglaze Products by Milton Bridge

We are pleased to offer you a range of 42 high quality ceramic stains. All of our stains are created from a small base of standard pigments which are then blended to create our complete colour palette.

Our base pigments are of European origin and are produced to the highest standards for industrial application. Almost all grain sizes are less than 32 μm with no coarse residues.

This extremely fine particle size offers excellent dispersion properties, thus allowing colours to be easily mixed without the necessity of ball milling.

Our 38 series range of ceramic stains is of the highest quality. Each batch of base pigment is tested for colour compatibility before release.

All stains will be consistent up to a minimum temperature of 1250°C and many will reach 1400°C. Our stains offer exceptional colour depth and can be used in additions as little as 2% in your base glaze.

All of our ceramic stains are classified as lead free.

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Stain Range