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This range of jewellery enamel has origins going back to CB Latham and before that Wengers Ltd.

Wengers were first established in Stoke-on-Trent in 1870 and whilst we are not certain when Wengers began to produce enamels for metal application, it is possible that some of our current recipes were created over 100 years ago.

These enamels are highly durable and generally consistent across each range of opaque and transparent colours.

They have been manufactured by Milton Bridge since 1982. A small range of Milton Bridge jewellery enamels are manufactured without lead. These are Ideal for the Education and Hobby environment.

Milton Bridge Jewellery Enamel

This range of enamel has origins dating back to the late 19th Century. An extremely durable range of enamel, this range has proved popular with both manufacturers and jewellery artists alike.

The range consists of 61 transparent and 48 opaque colours that are complimented by distinctive ranges of 21 pastel and 11 opalescent shades.

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