Milton Bridge Ceramic Colours Ltd has been established since 1982 and is located in the heart of the pottery industry. The company originally manufactured two standard ranges of jewellery enamel and a small range of wet process enamel but soon began to develop new products and engage with new markets.

By 1983 the company had begun it’s long standing position as a distributor of British Gypsum plasters and has served the local ceramic industry ever since. During the same year the first laboratory work of matching colours and glazes to specific customer requirements was done. Eventually a standard range of ceramic colours, glazes and jewellery enamel became the main area of expertise. Frit production became another service that the company could offer and is still done to this day. The company has developed a niche as a small scale manufacturer that can offer these services.

The knowledge gained from working on specialist products for individual customers has enabled the development of the product ranges available today. Milton Bridge produces four standard ranges of jewellery enamel along with a small number of associated media and decorative products. In total we produce in excess of 450 standard colours which we believe to be the largest range of commercially available colours in the world. Our mission to develop new products and ideas has led us to the glass industry and two products are now supplied for this market.

Milton Bridge supply directly to more than 50 countries world wide plus many more through an established distributor network.

Since 2012 considerable investment has been made to the manufacturing area. This investment has seen a brand new polymer lined mill used throughout the factory along with new burner and control systems on our productions kilns. Now being used are new high speed mixers, new sieving equipment, plus accessories and associated items. This investment is part of a continuous improvement process to ensure consistency and maintain quality.

As we move into 2017 Milton Bridge are now approaching what is hoped will be the most exciting project yet. 35 years of specialist projects and colour matching has resulted in a database of in excess of 8000 recipes. We are now working towards a long held ambition to create a portfolio of high quality, industry standard products in promotable ranges delivered in suitable pack sizes. Supplied through a carefully selected distributor network. This offering will benefit our customers from the education, hobby craft and professional ceramic markets.

We are excited to introduce you to new products from our vast collection and hope that you enjoy using them.


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