It is difficult for us as the manufacturer to answer this question as there are other criteria that would determine if a glazed product is dinnerware safe. Other factors such as the kiln that it is being fired in, which could already be contaminated with lead or other toxic materials from previous use, or poor housekeeping can affect whether something is dinnerware safe.

For this reason, we do not class any of our glazes as dinnerware safe.

First you need to consider how you intend to apply your glaze. Powder glazes are generally made for dipping or spraying, and brush on glaze is intended for brushing on to the surface (hence the name).

The main difference is that brush on glaze is suspended in a medium to allow them to flow and is controlled by brush strokes.

Our range of stains can be used as glaze stains as well as body stains (colouring the clay before it is fired).

This enables the user to create their own colours of glaze by mixing stains together and adding them to a frit.

Opaque enamels will appear transparent after firing if they are fired too high. This can be corrected by re-firing at a lower temperature.

Our enamels will withstand multiple firings so don’t worry about re-firing to correct the appearance.

Lead free as the name suggests are a range of enamels that have been developed without using lead in the recipe. This is due to demand for this product from the education market.

Although lead based enamels are safe to use in a professional environment we suggest our lead free range is more suitable for an education setting.

The lead carries the colour in our enamels, creating better clarity and meaning they can be fired at lower temperatures. This is beneficial for a number of reasons such as firing on to silver which has a lower melting point to reducing the risk of blow outs on the enamel which can happen at higher temperatures.

Leaded enamels are much more resistant to acid than our lead free and this is why they are used in industry. It is also important to note that the same colour range cannot be reproduced with lead free alternatives.