Decoration Colours

Decoration Colour Products by Milton Bridge

Milton Bridge decoration colours are produced to strict quality processes and high standards. Industry standard base frits are used to ensure quality, consistency and durability.

Allied to our standard base stains to ensure ease of miscibility, these products are designed to provide a high quality solution to all of your decoration needs.

Each product group is supplied in standard unit quantities delivered in powder, brush on or pen form. Standard mediums are also offered to complement our powder colours.

We can offer larger unit quantities in specific media to suit your requirements and can also offer specific colour matching in suitable volumes.

Decoration Colour Range

Underglaze Products by Milton Bridge

The 38 Series range of colours is a selection of high quality colours.

The base stains that are used in this system are of the highest quality European manufacture and offer the following advantages:

High quality base colours:

Exceptional quality and purity, allowing intense, brilliant colours across the complete colour spectrum.

Extremely fine and consistent particle size:

The vast majority of the base stains in this system are produced to less than 32 microns. This allows excellent dispersion when mixing glazes and offers ideal properties for all types of application methods from brush to screen printing.

Environmentally friendly:

All base stains used in this system are lead free. Even where lead can be present in stain producing materials, such as titanium, the percentages are so low that even a 10% addition would result in no hazard identification requirement of the coloured glaze. All cadmium based stains (typically reds and oranges) have the colour crystals encapsulated in zirconium silicate, meaning that the resulting pigment is inert.


An infinite number of colours can be created using this series. For detailed information on mixing and compatibility guidelines, please see the data sheet.

Underglaze colours are available in powder, brush on and in pen form.

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Underglaze Products

onglaze intro image

Our range of onglaze (overglaze) enamels have been designed to offer a flexible solution to your decoration needs.

Suitable for all standard application techniques and firing programmes, these enamels are highly durable and suitable for all standard substrates.

This enamel range is produced from a standard compatible glass system. This allows for a fully intermixable system within the parameters detailed on the technical data sheet.

This range is supplied in powder form for use with standard mediums, or directly in our ergonomic 60ml pens.

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Onglaze Ceramic Enamel Products

Casting Slip

Coloured clay water slips for dipping and trailing in the manner of traditional slipware.

Compounded from earthenware bodies but capable of firing stoneware. Water can be added or removed to alter the consistency. Under certain conditions dilution may be desirable to avoid flaking.

Slips are available to order in 500mls, 1 litre or 5 litre. We also offer these coloured slips in a 120ml ready to use pen.

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Decorating Slips