Milton Bridge has a long history of manufacturing high quality glazes for the local, semi-industrial ceramics market.

During this time we have built up a vast database of products that are designed to meet the demanding standards of this market.

We are now pleased to offer a selection of these industry standard glazes in both powder and brush on liquid to the craft, hobby and education markets.


All of our coloured earthenware glazes are produced using a high quality, industry standard frit base.

Our frit is produced in an ISO 9001: 2000 accredited facility.

Our manufacturing process has full batch to batch traceability from raw material procurement through to processed finished colour.

Each batch of our frit is subject to lead determination tests to ensure that it does not exceed 0.1% PbO.


Our powder glazes can be applied using a variety of methods. Both hand and automated dipping and spraying techniques can be used with proper use of flocculants and deflocculants.

Our brush on glazes are supplied ready to use in a high quality brushing medium that also offers excellent suspension properties and shelf life.

Buy online now at or if you are not in the UK click here for a list of local stockists in your area.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Perry

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