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Ceramic Products by Milton Bridge

Our expertise in creating colours has led us from Jewellery Enamel to the Ceramics community. We have now been producing glazes, underglazes and other decorative colours since the early 1980's and continue to develop new products to this day.

With a keen eye for changing trends we create new products that inspire the novice potter or those who are just starting out but also those with years of experience who want to try something new. It is our ethos that all our products are created to industry standard regardless of who it is that is buying them.

Ceramics range

Decoration Colour Products by Milton Bridge

Milton Bridge decoration colours are produced to strict quality processes and high standards. Industry standard base frits are used to ensure quality, consistency and durability.

Allied to our standard base stains to ensure ease of miscibility, these products are designed to provide a high quality solution to all of your decoration needs.

Each product group is supplied in standard unit quantities delivered in powder, brush on or pen form. Standard mediums are also offered to complement our powder colours.

We can offer larger unit quantities in specific media to suit your requirements and can also offer specific colour matching in suitable volumes.

Decoration Colour Range

Glaze Products by Milton Bridge

Milton Bridge has a long history of manufacturing glaze. Our process facilities include wet and dry process ball mills, wet and dry process sieves, lab and industrial power mixers and blending equipment.

Whilst we have had some historical standard product ranges, we have as with many other products built up a vast database of recipes based on individual product matching. We have selected recipes in order to offer you a glaze portfolio that comprises of stoneware, earthenware, raku and different special effect glazes.

Our new product range is delivered in standard unit sizes, in either prepared brush on liquid or dry powder. However we are able to provide any of the following products in larger commercial quantities and delivered in a form to suit you be it powdered, slop, spray etc.

Glaze Range

Jewellery enamel by Milton Bridge

Milton Bridge has produced jewellery enamel since our opening in 1982. Originally producing two ranges of enamel, our portfolio has increased over the years.

From the early 2000’s we began producing enamels for a world-wide brand producer of decorating colours, acting as a toll manufacturer for approximately 10 years.

We subsequently took ownership of that brand in November 2011. We also created a small range of lead free colours, which were developed further in the early 2000’s. In total, we manufacture approximately 500 different colours, probably the largest range of commercially available enamels in the world.

All of our enamels are produced at our factory in Stoke – on – Trent. During the past few years we have invested heavily in upgrading all of our production equipment. We have installed state of the art burner and control systems to our kilns, upgraded all of our grinding mills to a new polymer material and upgraded our sieving and ancillary equipment.

We are constantly striving to improve quality and have also made several changes to our production processes, sometimes just for specific items.

Images courtesy of Ruth Ball | www.ruthball.weebly.com

Jewellery Enamel Range